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The Sunrider










"What kind of vehicle is the Sunrider?"
In Europe the Sunrider is considered a bicycle, but traffic legislation varies per country. In the Netherlands you can use the bicycle lanes.

"Where do I park the Sunrider?"
Wherever you can park a bicycle or a moped you can park the Sunrider. At home you can park the Sunrider under the protective cover (optional) in your garden, or in a garage.

"Can I buy a Sunrider with electric support?"
Yes! The Sunrider is availeble with optional electric support with 250 Watt and a 25km/h top speed or as a moped (45km/h) )

"How fast will it run?"
This depends on your own strength... However, because of the excellent aerodynamics of the Sunrider you will go faster than normal (race) bikes! Driving a velomobile is a unique experience, after one ride in a velomobile you won't go back!

"Can the Surnider tip over?"
Yes, any vehicle can tip over. The low centre of gravity and the full suspension give the Sunrider good stability; under normal circumstances it won't tip over.

"What forms the construction of the Sunrider?"
Sunrider Cycles choose to work with a self suporting monocoque frame. This construction offers a lot of bennefits for a small vehicle like the Sunrider:
- Safety and stability around the vehicle
- All drive train components are covered and protected in the frame
- The construction is relatively silent
- Corrosion free and durable construction
- Great interior looks and comfort

"What is the delivery time for a Sunrider?"
Approximately 4-5 months

"Who can service the Sunrider?"
The bicycle parts and the tires are standard parts that can be maintained by any well equipped bicycle dealer. Spare parts can be ordered from your Sunrider dealer. The Sunrider comes with a manual to help you to perform the basic maintenance yourself.

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