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Project veloquad


Sunrider Cycles believes in sustainable mobility solutions and likes to think about new forms of transportation. We have a Sunrider to build as a four - wheeler snelfiets. We are now in a testing phase, but we already know for sure that we take it into production. We expect to build the first one in 2015. We test it with an electric motor with a power rating of 350 watts. With firm (for normal people) pedalling you can then reach the 45 km/h .

The unique added value of this four wheeler is the increased corner stability and the ability to transport larger packages. With the 350 Watt motor you can reach a speed of 45 km/h. That is close to the natural speed for such a vehicle. On an normal bike you feel unsafe at 45 km/h and in a car you feel somewhat silly at 45 km/h. In a velomobile you feel at ease at 45 km/h. And for most people who are not athletes, with electro-supporting it is fine feasible.

As an electric velomobile without support maybe he's not for everyone more convenient because of the risen weight (55kg) and air- and rolling resistance . But as a bike with 25 km/h electro support this need not be a problem. Cycling at 45 km/h (and 65 kg), the competition position of this bike versus the car and public transport is a lot better. It is also for moped riders who look for more movement and warmth worth while consideration.

Sunrider 4 wheeler

Sunrider 4 wheeler

Sunrider 4 wheeler

Sunrider 4 wheeler

Lamp, mirror and flacher are for mopeds.

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